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What is Naturally Smart?

We help people to act to restore their health, their places and the planet. We do this with as many people as possible, worldwide.

This knowledge, skill, understanding and capability is what people need to respond to the challenges of the 21st century.

We use this to encourage people to take action and we support them in doing this.

We all need to be Naturally Smart

What is Naturally Smart?

Naturally Smart is a toolkit that encourages critical thinking about place, leading to sustainable actions in that place.

The toolkit includes physical and digital resources, training and development programmes, gatherings, consultancy and support.

Naturally Smart will primarily be used in educational institutions across the world, however the toolkit is flexible and could be used by anyone in any place.

How do we do this?

We provide an opportunity for people to learn and develop sustainability focused knowledge, skills and practical solutions.

We facilitate a network for innovative ideas and processes for sustainable futures.

We create links and relationships between learning communities.

We raise awareness and understanding about the present and plan for future sustainability.

Stage 1
Connect with a Naturally Smart Rep. to understand the project.
Stage 2
Understand how to use the physical and digital toolkit.
Stage 3
Use the physical toolkit to discuss and identify sustainable strengths and weaknesses of the organisations place.
Stage 4
Pinpoint appropriate areas of focus and create a plan of action points. Create a series of projects to help drive sustainable solutions.
Stage 5
Upload progress reports, share resources, ideas generated from projects and view and learn from other organisations within the network through the online platform.
Stage 6
Your Naturally Smart scoring and accreditation rises as you continue with the project and the Naturally Smart logo can be used proudly to show your commitment to sustainability.


Basic Membership

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  • Creation of an Online Profile.
  • Opportunity to externally map your site’s progress online.
  • Access to an objective, externally moderated scale of achievement as an Internationally recognised Naturally Smart Site.
  • Access to training manuals/materials.
  • Simple ongoing reporting of your school teams progress for the year.
  • Generation of a year’s progress report at the end of the first year of engagement.

Intermediate Membership
- Key Staff Support Package

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  • All of the Basic Features.
  • Access to all the resources created by the Naturally Smart Global Network.
  • Connection with other schools and staff around the globe involved with the project.
  • Access to our coffee beans fundraiser.
  • Access to specific projects allied with the Naturally Smart Places network.
  • Training for a key staff member in using the training package in 'hub groups'.
  • On line guidance for your school Key Staff by a member of the Naturally Smart team to help assess the site and establish a baseline for your profile.
  • Personal email/phone support to establish or refine a plan for the year’s work in sustainability and ecological conversion.
  • Discounted access to Seminars/workshops run by Naturally Smart Team worldwide.
  • Guidance from a Naturally Smart Adviser on your next steps towards Naturally Smart Educational Programme Accredited Centre Status.

Advanced Membership
- Whole School Package

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  • All of the Basic and Intermediate Features plus the additional benefit of a negotiated programme of support for your school, tailored to your specific needs through an on-site visit and follow up activity.